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the magic of sourdough


The base of our crackers is made of simple, whole ingredients. Flour, water, salt and olive oil are the only ingredients that make up our magically fermented crackers. Making real sourdough products is a very hands-on process. We use a traditionally-made sourdough starter - fermented just using flour and water, and combine it with unbleached hard red wheat flour, malted barley flour, olive oil and sea salt. Our sourdough goes through a 24 hour minimum fermentation in order to naturally leaven the dough, so we do not use commercial yeast in our products. This is what makes it magical!


Why Is Sourdough Easier To Digest?


Let’s get nerdy. 

The fermentation process starts from our “mother” sourdough starter, made up of only flour and water. With the perfect balance of time and temperature, the starter begins to ferment and develop microorganisms like yeast and lactobacilli. Lactobacillus is the healthy bacteria (or probiotic) found in the gut that is known to help with digestion. 

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Many people with IBS, gluten intolerance, or gluten sensitivity can tolerate sourdough!

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During fermentation, the active starter begins to break down the gluten - the protein component of wheat, and fructans -a type of carbohydrate in wheat. The breakdown of gluten can make it easier to digest for those that are gluten-sensitive. (Though not safe for individuals with celiac disease.) Individuals with different digestive conditions such as IBS or SIBO might be sensitive to the fructans found in commercially-produced wheat products. Traditionally made sourdough is lower in fructans due to the long fermentation process, making it easier to digest for people with these conditions. For those it pertains to, our products fall within the low-FODMAP criteria, though we are waiting to be officially certified by Monash


At Unbothered, we think real sourdough is delicious and magical, and we hope your body thinks so too. 

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